Friday, November 19

I'm A Blogging Slacker

Motivation to do anything is at an all time low.  I blame it on the cold weather.  I know you all have been sitting on pins and needles waiting for a new post.  So here you go:

Day Nine -- Picture of Your Friends

Of course I can't just give you one picture.  I have a lot of people that I call friends.  I may not see all of them on a regular basis, but that doesn't make them any less important to me.  I find that as I grow older I meet people everywhere.  And with the invention of facebook, I am able to keep in touch with all of them.  :) 

So here is an array of pictures of my friends

Brianna, ME, Erinn, Sam, Ciara, Tangee

Dik {Somer} and ME
Jennifer and ME

Chris and ME
ME and Christine
ME and Zach
ME, CY, and Husbo

Mel, ME, Kate, Kaitlin, Brittany
Adam, Matt, Husbo, Chris, Mark, Mikey, Curt, Jaime, Higga, Dug
Andrea, Erin, Beth
Mikey and ME
ME and Carly
Aubrey and ME
ME and Nicole
Mikey, Mark, Husbo, Todd, Chris, and Dug
So there they are.  And if I didn't get a picture up here with you, and you know we are friends, then it just means that I didn't have a picture of you.  Which means that we haven't hung out in a while.  Which means that we better get on that STAT.  Call me.... :)

It's Friday again!!  What are you doing with your friends this weekend????


  1. uhhhhh what about me? The greatest friend of all? oh yeah, this is your sister, mariel.


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