Wednesday, November 21

30 Days of Thankful

As I started to type the title of this post, my phone auto corrected the word days to Stans.  I don't know what I would do with 30 Stans.  I can barely handle one most of the time.  He's an odd boy, but he's my boy.

Speaking of, I am so happy (and thankful) that I FINALLY get to join my family in sunny San Diego.  Hey, Wednesday, what took you so long?  Sheesh.

This is what I'm flying out to..thank you, Stan. 

But then there's also this, so that works too.

30 Days of Thankful

I know it might be silly, and I don't know if you know that my boys are gone, but I'm very thankful for my dimming bedroom light.

I like to keep it on to get my through the night without my sleepover buddies.

Monday, November 19

30 Days of Thankful

Husbo has been sending me pictures of little man while they have been away in San Diego and for that I am VERY thankful.

I wish I could have been with them at the beach today. I'm heading out Wednesday night to join them for Thanksgiving. I cannot wait.

Sunday, November 18

30 Days of Thankful

Today I'm thankful for the chance to take some time for myself and get my toes thanksgiving day ready.

Saturday, November 17

30 days of thankful

Or should I call it 29 now that I missed yesterday? Or do I got until December 1st? The truth is I'm thankful let's keep trucking along.

Today I'm thankful for my little right hand man! Love you bubs.

Thursday, November 15

30 days of Thankful

I'm thankful that Miles is sleeping soundly and that I get a little time to myself.

Wednesday, November 14

Monday, November 12

30 Days of Thankful

I slacked yesterday. So what?

Yesterday I was thankful for lazy football Sundays and a little girls brunch.

Today I am thankful for alarm clocks...I would have slept until noon today without one.

Saturday, November 10

30 days of Thankful

I'm thankful this branch didn't just go through our house. I'm not sure of the rest of the tree. We have evacuated the Battle home just in case.

Oh Mr. Frost you silly man.

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