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I ♥ Overnight Shipping

Thank you AT&T for pulling through and hooking it up overnight.  No more waiting....

Day Eight -- A Place You Have Traveled To

In April/May of 2008 I took a trip with two lovely ladies, Erinn and Tangee, to the Land Down Under.  It was such a fun time.  The weather was not as warm as we wanted {record lows for that time of year} but it was still BEAUTIFUL!  Tangee hooked it up at a hotel named Ravisi's and it happened to be right on the beach {AMAZING}.  What sucks about waking up, walking to your window and seeing the Ocean???  Nothing.  I wish I could wake up that way EVERY morning.  But we live in UT, and right now all I wake up to is a cold floor and gloomy clouds.  :(  So depressing. 

The view from our hotel window
We drank, we ate, we sang, we danced, and then we drank again.  I didn't think we would survive after 14 straight days of drinking and staying up until 4 and 5 in the morning, but we did it, and we did it with grace and class.  Well, most of the time we did.  But I don't think it's my place to share those stories.  What happens in OZ, stays in OZ.  

This guy lives on the side of the rocks.  What a place to live, eh?
Erinn Flipping for ANZAC Day*

Although the scenery was AWESOME and the parties were fun, my favorite part about the trip was getting to know my lovely ladies even better than before.  

Tangee's Best impression of a Kangaroo 

Now Tangee LIVES in Australia {lucky bitch} and Erinn and I are itching to go visit.  If you're reading this, GAVIN, get going with that marriage thing....we need a reason to visit.    

At the Fish Market, YUM!

I just love their money
I'm trying to get Husbo to move there and open a sushi place, but I don't think he's that into it.  He's already sad that his family is "so far away" in San Diego and that's only an hour and a half plane ride.  Oh well. 

Hope your weekend is super fly!  

*Click HERE to learn all about ANZAC DAY

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  1. looks like you had so much fun!! and the boys are super cute too!


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