Tuesday, November 23

Day 12 -- What You Believe

  • In a thing called love
  • In the power of a nap
  • In dancing to your own beat
  • In Santa Clause and his good friends The Easter Bunny and The Tooth Fairy
  • In God
  • In Retail Therapy
  • That money CAN buy happiness -- over, and over, and over again...just check out my closet. ;).  That being said...
  • Money only buys happiness temporarily.
  • That if everyone "loved thy neighbor" that all the worlds problems would be solved {almost all of them} 
  • In a good cry
  • That everyone should have a dog.  After all they are a woMAN's best friend.
  • One day I will be famous
  • A little bit of make-up goes a long way
  • Even though you don't want to go to the gym, you always feel better after you've grunted and sweated your heart out. 
  • In heels, the higher the better
  • In family
  • In marriage
  • NOTHING makes me feel better than a long bath, a good smut mag, and down time with Husbo and Roxy
  • In GOOD friends
  • In the Golden Rule
  • That life is constantly changing and that CHANGE IS A GOOD THING. 

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