Monday, November 29


I have ALWAYS been one to make goals for myself.  I have NEVER been one to follow through.  I don't make resolutions because I don't want to be disappointed in myself when it's mid May and I haven't made it to the gym once.  So I just don't do it.  But for the sake of the blog, I will make a list of short term goals for the month of December. 
  • Get the Battle Home decorated for the upcoming holiday.  {Tree is up and waiting to be decorated!!!}
  • Buy all Christmas gifts before December 24th.
  • Finish book number one on A&E's book list.  {We're reading A Christmas Carol to help us get into the Christmas spirit}
  • Make a Christmas wreath
  • Try no to cry on the 26th when the Maymi clan jet sets to Hawaii while Husbo and I freeze our bottoms off in the blistering cold.
  • Change up my hair {Oh yeah, I already did that}

the stache is from Shirelle's birthday bash,
it is not part of the new look! 

 So that's about all I can commit to.  Anything more and it won't get done.  Ha.  Hope all you Utah people are enjoy the PRETTY snow.  Safe driving and Happy Monday. 


  1. Come to the Cali Maymi House in 2011 for at least 4 days... That can be on the goal list! LOVE your new hair

  2. LOVE the new hair! way to rock it.
    ps - i smelled bed head's "after party" in heb the other day JUST to take me back to ventana. it totally worked :)


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