Wednesday, September 1

A Little Piece of my Heart

This, my friends, is my cousins little girl, Mireya.  Just thought I would share.  She makes my heart melt.  Especially when she tells her mom that she wants to wear barrettes in her hair and a sparkly scarf like me.  One day I might steal, I mean, borrow her!!!

AND, their little boy, Nolan, isn't bad either!!! 

Sorry if this post was useless to you, but it means the WORLD to me! 

Have a happy first day of September everyone.


  1. ADORABLE!!! Remind me to tell you later why this cute lil girl should not wear necklaces. Makena can't wear them til she is 10 now. SCARY

  2. ohh I am so happy you left me a comment or I would have never got to your blog!!! I cant wait to look through it! Congrats on your weeding too. My finger was sore from right clicking to vote for your pic!

  3. Thanks Erika for give the babies a shout out! You are too sweet. Somer... no worries, no necklaces unless she is a flower girl at a wedding. :)


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