Friday, September 10

Is This YOUR Tube?

This morning I was feeling down, and then I saw this on one of my home-boy's {yep, I'm gangsta} FB page

SERIOUSLY?  Who is this kid?  Did it make you smile, laugh, pee a little?? I'm still laughing and I watched it 12 hours ago.   

While we are on the subject of videos, here are a couple more of my favorites:

Yes, Ladies and Gents, that is La-Lohan her self, high kicking away!  Love it when stupid people do stupid AND funny things. 

Now I KNOW that a lot of you have seen this one, but it's a RIOT.  This little lady has got it right. {Sorry if you've seen it.  You're welcome, if you haven't.}

Who doesn't like BACON?  {Well, besides those vegan/vegetarian/pescetarian people}  This kid, on the other hand, has taken it a bit too far...

And last, but most certainly NOT least, a little Lionel.

Hope you've enjoyed this little bit of visual stimulation, and I hate to leave you, but like Lionel says "hello",  I have to say good-bye.  I have to go brush up on my hair braiding and nail polishing skills.  Tomorrow is Girls SLEEPOVER 2010!!!!

PEACE....I'm outta here!

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