Friday, August 27

It's Good to Be a Winner

Good Morning, Blogsters.  So here we are, Friday, and I still feel sicky.  BUT, drum roll PLEASE, I have something to BLOG about!  YAHOO.  Let's back up just a bit.... 

Picture this, August 14, 2010, a young girl sitting at work, with tons to do, but distractions EVERYWHERE!!!  One distraction in particular...the blogging world. 

I have often been fascinated by people who can sit down and write about a trip to the grocery store and make it sound like the most amazing trip to the grocery store ever.  It may even make me want to go to the grocery store {If you don't know, the grocery store and I hate each other}.  That is how good THIS blog is.  Anyhoo...I decided to join this world, sceptically, because I am a horrible writer/speller/grammerist {not a word}, but I think I'm pretty I gave it a shot. 

My trip here has been short, but fabulous.  And I have learned that there are SO MANY BLOGS to read.  As I was browsing the many, many, many blogs I stumbled across Ms. Mimi at Style Du Jour

This blog is everything that I could hope for.  Style, and celebs and cuteness all rolled into one!  Well, Ms. Mimi had a little contest going with Tampurse.  {Tampurse is a great invention and cute to about it HERE.}  Long story short {is it too late for that????} I entered and WON!!!  And got mentioned on Style Du Jure's blog!!!  She has a GAZILLION people read her blog daily...maybe one day I could have a GAZILLION and one read mine! 

So, the moral of the story?  Try new things, it's never a bad thing...unless it's drugs. 

Love you, mean it!


  1. Awwe, thanks for the shout-out! Congrats once again!

    For the record, I love your blog! I think it's funny and witty. Don't get discouraged! I'm telling you from experience, I've been where you are and it's all worth it in the end!

    Much love!!!

    P. S. Loving the blog template :)

    xo xo xo

  2. Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Nice job! I am liking your blog! :)


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