Sunday, August 15


GOOOOOOOOOOOOD MOOOOOOOOOOOORNING!  Well, I'm back.  I wasn't sure if I would return.  But alas, here I am.  My blogging debut was well received.  {At least by the TWO people that read it} Thank you Bekah and Aubrey.  Onto the post...

 Sundays are a HUGE thing here at the Battle home.  Let me rephrase, FOOTBALL Sundays are a HUGE thing in the Battle home.  Husbo  is a little bit of a SAN DIEGO CHARGERS fan.  And when I say little, I really mean an ENORMOUS fan of the Chargers.  Ever seen a grown man cry?  Well I have.  And it's usually during the month of January {although I have seen it throughout the season as well}, when the Chargers come oh so close to playing in the Superbowl and then disappoint, just like last year.  The crying is usually followed by a hole in a door or something of the like.  I'm not going to go through all of his stages after a Chargers loss, but if you want to get an idea, here are the 5 stages of grief

My Football Sundays are a little bit different.  They go a little something like this...

8:00 am -- Wake up to find Husbo ALREADY in his Chargers jersey (mind you Husbo does not wake up before 10 am if he doesn't have to)
8:15 am -- Put on any Chargers/San Diego garb I own to show support for crazy Husbo.  
8:30 am -- Get in as much ME TV time as possible.  This usually involves lots of TiVo with a little side of E!
9:00 am -- Peek my head into the kitchen, where Husbo is surely cooking {best part of FBS}, and ask if he needs help.  The answer is always NO!  I'm okay with that. 
9:05 am -- Continue ME TV time.  
9:30 am -- Start to greet the many men that come over to help cook and watch the games.  

Side note: I am usually the ONLY woman here.  There are A LOT of single men at my house on Sundays.  Ladies, this is your chance.  Join me...PLEASE!!!!!

11:00 am -- HERE WE GO!!!  Football begins. The next 11 or so hours {NO JOKE} is a combination of sleeping, eating, reading smut, eating again, sleeping some more, and reading more smut.  
10:00 pm -- Watch Entourage
10:30 pm -- TIME FOR BED!!!

All in all, I don't mind Sundays in the fall.  I actually {after three seasons} have started to enjoy them.  It's not hard to like a day where you basically do nothing.  But it does mean that Saturdays are spent cleaning a preparing for Sunday.  A small price to pay for relaxation.  

I will leave you with one of my favorite images from an FBS last year, when Husbo and I were only Erika and Stan, and Husbo and and I lived with Higga.  Husbo thought that he should buy the most HIDEOUS Chargers shirt this side of the Rio Grande {or both sides for that matter}.



  1. have you seen the victoria secret pink Charger collection... I love it! Gonna get me some!


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