Saturday, August 14

WATCH OUT WORLD...Here come The Battles

Ok, so here I am. I'm not sure what I am doing here, or why I felt compelled to even travel into the blogging world, but I'm here, I'm proud, I'm loud, get used to it.

Allow myself, to introduce, myself. Hello, my name is Erika Battle {formerly known as Erika Maymi} and this --

Isn't he pretty {wait, don't answer that}

is my husband Stan. We met three and a half years ago and are the NEWEST, FRESHEST, HIPPEST married couple on the block. We got married June 20, 2010. We're coming up on two whole months, and we are still alive and kicking. Now that's what I call success. We like to make each other laugh, snuggle with our dog Roxy, and just enjoy life together. Stan is a chef, which I LOVE {my butt and thighs on the other hand, hate it}, and I am a Detective of Accident Reconstruction {or that's just the fancy name I give it to make it SOUND more interesting}. I'm really just a claims adjuster for Allstate Insurance Company. I actually went to school to be a teacher, and hope to get back to teaching some day. But for now, until The Battles decide where to plant their roots, I am to remain at Allstate.

So here are 10 9 things you need to know about me:

1. I am a HORRIBLE speller -- I apologize in advance

2. I think I'm really funny, you might not find me as funny -- again, I apologize in advance

3. I REALLY love my dog and my husband -- in that order. Only kidding.

4. I like to shop like I've got a money tree in my back yard, it's an illness.

5. I love Lionel Richie -- He knows all about love and dancing on the ceiling.

6. I enjoy eating good food. I'm a little bit of a food snob -- I blame that on my husband.

7. I've been told, on more than one occasion, that people really like me "AFTER they get to know me." So keep reading, one day this might be love.

8. My friends and family are the most important things in my life. You mess with them, you mess with me...WATCH OUT!!!

9. I am a strong believer that when in doubt, you should dance it out.

Exhibit A. {doesn't that look like fun}

So, why are there only 9 things that you need to know about me? Well, the 10th thing isn't really something that you NEED to know. But I'll tell you anyway. I like to drink from time to time,  and get a little out of hand from time to time. So if my blogs start to not make sense, well, you will then know that I have had a little bit to enjoy!

Alright, blogging world, I am out. I hope this helped you get to know me a little bit better, and I hope that I have sparked your interest. You sure have sparked mine.


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