Monday, November 14

Single Digits

Only 9 weeks left until the big BIRTH day.  {8 weeks and 3 days to be exact, but I'm sure I'm the only one counting}  I just love it when I tell people that I only have 9 weeks left and they say, "wow!!  That went fast!!"  Listen, when you are not the one with sleepless night after sleepless night, I'm sure the time tends to go by fast.  But truth be told, I am ready for this baby to get here already.  I'm so ready.  Ready meaning that I am ready to have him here so that I can hold him, and smell him, and squeeze him, and love him.  Ready to not have my ribs kicked and not have reflux, and not get tired walking from one end of the office to the other.  I am, however, NOT ready meaning, that his room is not done, we don't have any furniture,  and everything from my fun baby shower this weekend has filled the entire room.  

Speaking of baby shower.  Here are a couple of pictures from the fun event.  My mom and sister, Mariel, went all out.  It was so fun to have all of my friends and family with us.  Some of the family even flew out for the parTAY!  

I was totally spoiled, or rather Baby Battle was.  

We have been trying to prepare for the big day by going to Baby Class at LDS Hospital.  It's amazing the things you never knew about labor and the after labor that people don't talk about.  All that goes into the joy of bringing a baby into the world.  I now know that if you find out what all goes in {and comes out of} it that no one would ever get that's why these veterans wait to tell you until it's "too late"!  I'm pretty scared for that day.  But the excitement of meeting my little man some how still over shadows those feelings.  

Last Thursday we got to take a tour of LDS.  Husbo even got to "test" one of the labor and delivery beds for the class.  He did such a good job! 

I am sure the next 9 weeks will fly with all of the fun holidays coming up.  I love this time of year and it's even more exciting to think that this will be the LAST holiday season that we will be experiencing as a family of 2!! 

Hope you have a good week.  I'm still hanging with my family, so gotta go.


  1. Looked like a fun time!!

  2. lovely shower! all the details look just perfect. such an exciting time for you guys :) enjoy! xoxo linds {{}}


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