Tuesday, September 6

Not So Baby, Baby Room

I'm very excited to get started on Little Baby Boy Battle's room!  I have enlisted the help of a friend of mine, Melissa from Garden Rows, to help get the feel that I want.  Poor Husbo doesn't get much of a say in what goes on in there.  I originally wanted this painting of ours hanging on the wall:

But Husbo wants this one:

I THINK I may give in on this, because I have free reign with every other aspect of the room.  But we are still "debating". 

Here are some other ideas that we have tossed around:

You can also find Melissa's Inspiration Board on her Blog

I just don't want anything too baby for the baby's room.  You will NOT find Winne The Pooh or Thomas the Train hiding in this room.  Not that I have any anything against them...but I am not into themes and such.

I hope you guys had a wonderful Labor Day.  Ours was spent with the Battle/Bostron clan in Sunny San Diego.  The weather was perfect and the company was even better.  


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