Friday, January 21

Day 22 -- Your Favorite City

I think my favorite city would have to be San Antonio.  {Keep in mind, I have not spent much time out of The States, so I am just going off of what I know ;)}  San Antonio is like a second home to me. My favorite things about SA --

Most of my Mom's side of the family lives there
I went to college there
The people are friendly
No Snow
The humidity does WONDERS for my skin
Austin is only a 2 hour drive away
Schlitterbahn {Which technically is in New Braunfels, but it's a perk}

I just love it.  I haven't been in about 4 years...I'm so ready for a visit.  Luckily, my best cousin Nicole is getting married this year and the wedding is in SA-town!  Love it!

Have a Happy Friday!

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