Monday, January 24

Day 23- Favorite Vacation

About a year and a half ago, Husbo and I made a trip to Mexico.  This trip was my favorite for a couple different reasons. 

1) it was the first trip that Husbo and I had taken out of the country and the first real "vacation" that we took together.  We had been to California a couple of times, but that was usually for a weekend trip and to visit family.  This was a trip we took for us and only us.  :) 

 2) this was the trip that we got ENGAGED!!!  So it was truly memorable and such a fun time. 

Husbo and I were there for about a week.  We relaxed, we swam, we rode wave runners, we had a BLAST!!! 

After we had been there by ourselves for a couple of days, my parents, aunt, uncle, cousin and my cousin's then boyfriend (now fiance) joined in on the fun!  It made the trip that much more special, because we got to celebrate with family! 

Husbo and I also took a trip to Cozumel and visited with an old friend from college that I hadn't seen in 5 years. 

We had such a great time!

Hope you have a fantastic Monday. 


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