Thursday, October 21

TWO More Days

As Lent SLOWLY comes to an end, I would like to reflect on what I have learned in the past 38 days.

♥ I am not the first or the last person to be obsessed with all things facebook.

♥ I have now become obsessed with blogging.  Reading them and writing them.

♥ I don't NEED facebook, but it sure is fun. {the word facebook in this sentence can be replaced with new shoes, new clothes and smut mags}

♥ My house is cleaner, I have a husband, and I watch way too much TV. {maybe a sabbatical from TV is needed???  You bet your bottom dollar that's never gonna happen!!!}

♥ The great outdoors are truly great.

♥ my friends and family are the best. {not that I didn't know this already, but just thought I would remind YOU}

♥ I have never been more productive at work. I won't go into detail, but when I started Lent my daily tasks list was well over 100 things to I only have 20. :)

♥ I don't care if Lent was a good thing...I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU ON SATURDAY, FACEBOOK!!!!!!!!

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