Sunday, October 24

This is How I Dealt....

In an effort to cope with the loss of FB, every time I had an urge to update my status I wrote it down on paper.  So over the past 40 days, this is what I came up with....

  • You'll never be another bitch in a dress.
  • What's Hunky Dory? It's how awesome people say, "Great".
  • Get a life, and then come talk to me. -EMB
  • Heaven is so much better than Hell.  You should really come up here. -AF
  • Some lady just told me that she couldn't give me a recorded statement right now.  She doesn't have time, because she is doing something for the President....true or false? 
  • OTH was OTH
  • I'm not only dying, I'm dead
  • Grey's are you kidding me.  Cutting that kids head open  Gaaaaaaross. 
  • Hungover for the first time since....I can't remember. 
  • Thank You, Grilled Cheesus. 
  • My president is black, my lambo is blue, and I'll be damned if my rims ain't too. 
  • Little Orphan A-hole
  • I was booooooooooooooooooorn, to love you.  I was booooooooorn to lick your face.  I was booooooooooooooorn to rub you, but you were born to rub me first.  
  • Just ate dinner with the Jay-Zs.  
  • Those mustaches, you gotta Nair that shit
  • You is some handsome boys
  • Midnight, all alone in the daylight
  • I don't get drunk, I get awesome. 
  • Before we duet, we're gonna do it.
  • Stay sad, I'll be back
  • Eat the sword. 
  • I want chicken pot pie. 
  • The dog is happy, and we have pickles.
  • Hot like Eskimos. 
Done and done.  Back on FB, and it's like I never left.  Oh well....on with my life. 

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