Thursday, October 28

Day Four -- Joan and Jerry {The Parents}

Name --  Joan AKA: Mom, Joanie, Le Joan, Junk Food Joanie and many others.
Occupation -- Awesome, as well as mother of 4 {six including the Husbo and Thomas.  ALMOST 7, Not there yet, John}, Office Manager and Wife of the Year. 
Interests -- Smut mags, wine, working out, balance bands, her kids, her dogs, her husband.
Likes -- Order {she's a LITTLE OCD, and when I say a little, I mean a whole lot ;) }
Dislikes -- Back Talk
Favorite Food -- Lays Potato Chips, with a side of burger.
My Favorite Thing About Her -- She likes the thrill of a roller coaster as much as I do. 

Name -- Jerry AKA: Dad, Jerry 'Jamaican me Crazy' Maymi, Lardo Gerardo
Occupation -- Dentist, Actor, Comedian, Father, Ice Skater, Circus Performer, Paparazzi
Interests -- Facebook,  taking pictures, spending time with his family, cooking, Junk TV
Likes -- Making his family happy
Dislikes -- Cold food
Favorite Food -- Food
My Favorite Thing About Him -- He's young at heart!  


Keep on Keeping On. 

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