Friday, October 29

Day Five -- Natalie, Mariel, Christian {The Other Maymis}

Name: Natalie {Don't call her NAT, she'll kick your ass}
Occupation: Singer? Dancer? Dental Assistant? Hair Dresser?  We're not sure yet.  She's in transition.
Interests: John, wedding planning, moving, shaking, moving and shaking, shopping, hair
Likes: John 
Dislikes: When you call her Nat
My Favorite Thing About Her: She's has the voice of an angel


Name: Mariel AKA: Martie {but only to those who knew her way back when}
Occupation: Photo Editor at InStyle Magazine, mother of two rats, wife of Thomas
Interests: Gogo and Rocket {the rats}, yoga, being cool, eating cheese, looking good, magazine shopping, LEGGO MY EGGO
Likes: Me
Dislikes: Being so far away from Me
My Favorite Thing About Her: What's not to like. 

Name: Christian
Occupation: Chef
Interests: Cheffing, eating, movies, marathoning, back talking, golfing, smooth talking
Likes: His friends
Dislikes: When the hollandaise doesn't turn out right. 
My Favorite Thing About Him: He's funnier than a funny man.

Those are all the biological siblings, but there's also my brothers and sisters by marriage

Favorite Thing About Him:  It's like he was MEANT to be my brother.  Thanks for marrying him, Mariel

Husbo and Curt
Favorite Thing About Him:  He knows EVERYTHING about Husbo, so if I want the dirt...Okay, he probably wouldn't tell me.


Favorite Thing About Them: Julie's cute personality and Jaime's Jaime-isms  

Favorite thing about Her: Girl can shop

Guess what?  It's Friday.  I'm leaving for San Diego for my first Chargers game tonight.  Wish me luck!!!  There may be a break in posts cause I'll be gone until next Thursday.  Don't cry...I'll be back. 
Have a WONDERFUL and SAFE Halloween weekend. 


  1. "when the hollandaise doesn't turn out right" ALMOST PEED MY PANTS--Mariel

  2. I love the family update! Perfect!

  3. sad i didn't make it for being an honorary Maymi ;)


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