Tuesday, August 17


I have often heard of golf described as a game for old men.  If you have to be an old man to enjoy driving around a cart, throwing back beers, chatting it up with friends, all the while soaking up some rays -- then call me Merlin. {That's an old man's name, right?}

On Sunday, we were invited by Lee and Shelly Marshall, some of Husbo's regulars at Hapa, to play golf at Glenwild Golf Course.  Now if you are not a golfer, and I'm not sure how many of my five readers are, you probably don't understand how stoked Husbo got.  Glenwild was named "The Best Golf Course In Utah" by Golf Digest.  It's described as a difficult course with fast greens.  Whatever that means.  That was enough to get Husbo out there.  I on the other hand needed a little bit more persuasion.  Husbo then proceeded to tell me that he once saw Michael Jordan on the back nine.  SAY WHAT?  All I heard was famous people.  SOLD!  And so I thought, what any girl playing golf for the FIRST time would think....what am I going to WEAR!?!?!

Faster than you can say FORE!!!!  I ran to my closet to find the perfect golf outfit.  Something that says, "Hey look at me, but don't look too hard, cause then you'll realize that I don't know what I'm doing."  Something made me think that THIS:

might be a little too much.  So I decide that less was more in this situation and went with shorts, a golf shirt, and my gym shoes. {Note: golf shirt was purchased about an hour before we went to play, along with a golf glove.  No, I did not have it hanging in my closet.}

We headed to the driving range at about 3:30 and by 4:00, after MANY missed shots, The Course Marshall came around and said it was time for us to move to the 10th hole and get going.  We only played nine, the crew didn't want to scare me.  The good news: I hit the ball.  The bad news: the ball NEVER went where I wanted it to.  UGH.  I think I almost hit Lee in the head with my ball a couple of time.  OOPS!  Sorry, Lee.  

All in all it was a fun filled day.  Except when Husbo "accidentally" hit me in the head with a club.  I may, or may not, have deserved it.  A story for another time...

I did, however learn a lot about golf...Never talk during someones back swing, make sure you rake the sand, and golf is really just another excuse to shop.  

I'm going to buy these.....

Oh, I know what you're wondering, and NO, I didn't see any famous people.  Maybe next time.  

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