Saturday, March 5

I wonder....

Husbo and I moved into our house last June, and I am still not even close to finishing our office.  It's really not THAT big of a deal, because we rarely ever go in there, we spend most of our time in our bedroom {oh, la, la} or in the living room, so there isn't a real rush...OBVIOUSLY!  Anyhoo... I was browsing my normal daily reads and came across a link on this blog.  It brought me here:

This site will sell everything in this picture for a FAIRLY reasonable price {And I think it's a new block of things every month} 

and all those items would look AWESOME in our office... The questions is....Could I find similar items for less??  And if so...where would/should I start looking???? 

Ready?? Go.....


  1. it's a little more work because you wouldn't necessarily find "lots" of stuff but: etsy.

  2. oh so cute!! That stuff would look fab in an office.


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