Sunday, December 19

What Happens When Life Gets in the Way

Hello all you peeps out there.  No I did not get kidnapped.  Thank you to those who noticed that I had been missing...Mariel.  It's December.  I've been Christmas shopping and Christmas cookie making and Christmas partying.  I've been busy.  The Blog has taken a back seat.  But I'm here now, and that's what matters.  

Day...Oh geez, I forgot where we were....OH YEAH...Day 16 -- Your Dream Home

I imagine that my dream home would look something like this....

I mean, imagine how pretty it would be Christmas morning....wait you don't have to!!!  Here it is...

AMAZING, right???  And Yes, it is the house from "Marley and Me".  I'm obsessed with it.  The insides would look a little like this:

Let's start with the kitchen.  It has to be SUPER functional.  As you all know, Husbo is a chef and our current kitchen only has enough counter space to make a PB&J.  So here is my dream kitchen:

The sink would look like this, but minus that ugly light wood.  

The dishwasher and fridge would be the color of the cabinets.  It would be a dream.

Next up, the dining room.  It would have the same feel as the kitchen, and it would definitely have this dining table.

Living Room:

But again, the wood needs to mimic the kitchen and dining table.  And I think that the fireplace should have the same stone as the kitchen stone area.  But love how this place is decorated.  


And the baby' we aren't pregnant, but I have to plan....


And lastly, the bathroom.  I don't care what it looks like, as long as it has one of these and enough counter space for the both of us.

And there you have it.  Husbo better start raking in the big bucks, this house isn't gonna pay for itself.  :) 

Happy Sunday.  Only 6 more days until Christmas.  Is your shopping done?

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