Thursday, December 23

Day 19 - Something You Miss

Quick note about yesterday's post.  This also should have included that I regret saying "I would continue to love my husband, even on Football Sundays."  These words did come out of my mouth in front of 200 people, however; I think it was the almond champagne that I drank before the ceremony.  Damn fizzy drink...

Now let's get busy with Day 19.

It's this time of year that makes me the happiest.  I LOVE THE HOLIDAY SEASON.  When everyone else is complaining about the Christmas music in the department stores, I walking around humming and singing out loud.  I love that stuff.  I've been known to turn it on when I'm in a bad lifts me right up...who cares that it's May. 

The Holidays have always been a time when my family drops what they're doing and comes to UT to love each other and spend some good quality time together.  But as the years pass and we grow older, it becomes a little harder to meet up.  Boarding the dogs and buying plane tickets gets too expensive, jobs get in the way, whatever it may be, it just doesn't happen like it used to.  So that's what I miss.  I miss waking up with my ENTIRE family on Christmas morning, making cookies with my mom, and watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.  

Hope your Holidays are spent with your family and that you all have a safe and Merry Christmas.  

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  1. and most of all you miss me!!!!!!!!!!


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