Friday, November 12

No Internet at Home = No Pictures for the Blog

I accidentally kicked the laptop off of the couch the other day, damaging our Internet thingy.  So I currently don't have access to the Internet at my home.  Which means that I can't post pictures from my home computer to the blog, which means that I have to take a break, because what is blog without pictures?  I'll be back in 5-7 business days, when the new thingy gets to me. 

And just so you guys are all in the know, this is the second thingy we had to get because of it being dropped on the ground, and they have now dropped us from the insurance for it.  I didn't even think that was possible.  So here's hoping we don't drop it for another year. {That's how long we have to wait until they will insure us again} It sucks being a high liability.   

Don't leave the laptop on the couch when you take a nap.

Hope you guys have a great and fun filled weekend. 

Love, not drugs,

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