Saturday, October 16

I ♥ The Osborns -- and NY

This past weekend I visited my sister in NYC!  I do this trip at least once a year, and sometimes by myself and sometimes with my family.  This time was a loner trip.  We did the usual -- watched movies, shopped a little, ate a Lucali's with Jay-Z and Beyonce *, and our new yearly tradition -- went to SIX FLAGS!!!! 

Last year, when we all went to NY to celebrate Thomas' 40th birthday, Mariel and I left Husbo, Thomas and the rest of the Maymi Clan behind and headed out to Six Flags.  We had so much fun last year, we decided that this years trip to NY would revolve around going.  And THIS year we had an even more fun time, and have decided that this will be our new annual tradition.  Next year they are opening up a new ride -- THE GREEN LANTERN.  It sounds and looks AWESOME!!!  {You're standing, not sitting}

Okay, back to this year...we bought this thing called a flash pass {read about it here}, but the short of it is that you get a pager and they let you know when it's time to ride.  You literally get to cut in front of everyone to ALMOST the front of the line.  We got to ride all the big rides twice and our favorites about four time.  {For those of you wondering, El Toro and Superman are the faves.}

And I apologize, but I have been to NY so many times, that I didn't take any pictures really, except for at Six Flags.  So here they are....oh I forgot to mention that we made it Mustache Monday...ENJOY

Where should we go next???

I also usually don't ever see famous peeps, but this time we saw Jake Gyllenhaal AND the back of John Mayer's head. {Mariel saw the front and by the time I knew what she was talking about, he had passed and I missed that mug of his...oh well}

I had so much fun, can't wait for next year!!!  GREEN LANTERN HERE WE COME!

Have you ever been to NY?  And if so, what's your favorite thing to do there?

*we didn't actually eat with Jay-Z and Beyonce, but they were sitting two tables away and no one was sitting in between us.  So now we're best friends. : )


  1. awesome!!!!!!!!!! best trip ever!!!!!!!

  2. I have been to NYC...We had so much fun we want to go back. Looks like you had a good time.


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