Tuesday, October 26

Day Two -- Meaning Behind Your Blog Name

If you don't know, I used to be a Maymi.  A Maymi is an awesome thing to be.  If you're a Maymi, then you know you have awesome friends and and even more awesome FAMILY!!!  For 28 {almost 29} years, I wore the last name like a badge of honor.  In fact, and Husbo is going to kill me when I say this, I toyed with the idea of NOT changing my last name.  Not that 'Battle' isn't a cool name, but Maymi is near and dear to my heart, it's hard to let go of.  It's hard to get rid of the name you know and love.  But alas, I took the plunge and changed my name.  I started this blog shortly after Husbo and I bit the bullet.   It used to be called A Family Named Battle, but since I am the only one of the Family Battle that writes on this blog, I found Life As A Battle more appropriate.   And that, my friends is where Life As A Battle came from. 

Where Life as a Battle really started

P.S. Erika Battle may not be as cool as Erika Maymi, but she is a little tougher.  With a name like Battle, I think you kinda have to be! 

Happy Tuesday, Lovers!


  1. i just discovered your blog!! i love you!! this is awesome!

  2. Hi, Erika. It's me, Beth.

  3. You are always a Maymi!


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