Wednesday, September 22

Maybe I Should Get This

I was watching Ellen when I got home yesterday {yes, I do TiVo Ellen, and HIGHly recommend it if you need to get your daily laugh on} and she showed this little video

Given recent events, I think I could get some use out of it.  I figure if I am not going to be communicating with people via the modern way, why would I take pictures the modern way?  But then that would mean that I would have to stop watching tv, stop using my cell phone, stop using this computer, stop blogging...OK, wait, wait, wait, wait, WAIT, forget it, I don't think I could live without Facebook AND you!  You guys keep me going through this difficult time.  So to you I say, THANK YOU!!!  And please don't stop reading.  :)  

Happy Wednesday!  Half way there peeps...HOLD ON, we can do it!!!

P.S. This was also on Ellen.  NBD....
Can I have him???

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